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Landslide! Prairie Event 2 by hollowichigo890 Landslide! Prairie Event 2 :iconhollowichigo890:hollowichigo890 3 0 Learning something new~ by hollowichigo890 Learning something new~ :iconhollowichigo890:hollowichigo890 9 3 BTT: Scar the little fluff by hollowichigo890 BTT: Scar the little fluff :iconhollowichigo890:hollowichigo890 6 0 Fight under a stary night by hollowichigo890 Fight under a stary night :iconhollowichigo890:hollowichigo890 6 0
Fighting Party~
The sun peered through the morning fog as the two kukuris below a large tree stretched they`re tired limbs. The grass was still wet with dew by the time they both got to their paws. Morningfire yawned loudly blinking his sleepy eyes as he glanced towards his companion, Sand, who was observing the area. They have been together for quite some time now and he has greatly enjoyed her company when she was on a nice mood that is. Honestly Morningfire always got kinda annoyed with her when she was grumpy, and most of the time it was for no reason.
He signed loudly, oh well its not like he can change anything. And honestly he liked Sand for the way she was.
"Lets find some food." Sand mumbled as she padded towards him, it seemed like she was satisfied that nothing was around them.
"Yes please." At the thought of food Morningfire`s stomach growled at them he looked up to Sand smiling, "My belly says yes too."
Sand just rolled her green eyes and padded off. Morningfire rushed to her side his lon
:iconhollowichigo890:hollowichigo890 2 12
Save Them! Prairie Event 3 by hollowichigo890 Save Them! Prairie Event 3 :iconhollowichigo890:hollowichigo890 5 0
Just Once...Please...
Sand sat below a large tree watching the birds and leaves go by with such sadness in her eyes. At the quiet times like this she remembers her handler, Gale. He was like a brother to her, yeah there were times when their relationship was rocky but they still were a family. Her, Gale, and Gorkha, we were all a happy family trying to live a life. 
But disaster hit one night..Sand shook her head, no don`t think about it nothing good comes from thinking it, she thought to herself. Despite that tears came from her eyes, bringing up a paw to wipe her tears away she furiously shook her head. No, just leave me alone, please!
Whimpering lightly she buried her tail over her nose to keep her from crying, maybe she just needs a nap. After all she has been wondering around for days on end with nothing to do. Any Kukuri that got near her just made her angry so she snapped at them then eventually they ran off. They just pitted her after all she needs no pity from anyone.
But she suddenly heard ru
:iconhollowichigo890:hollowichigo890 2 5
Working together~ Payment by hollowichigo890 Working together~ Payment :iconhollowichigo890:hollowichigo890 9 3
Saving a life- Prairie Event 2
After Sand calmed down and promising she was not going to erupt on any Prairies they tried again. This time however they brought along another, Alma. They could not find Juti anywhere so they stumbled upon this Dove looking extremely bored and watching everyone passing by with curious eyes. They asked her if she wants to see a Prairie and she practically was out into the clearing before they could blink. 
As they walked along the river bed again Morningfire couldn`t help but chuckle as Alma bounced on her heels looking this way and that. It was like she was a pup! But he paid no mind, it was a nice distraction.
Sand on the other paw wanted to turn around and tell her to shut it and act your age. As she opened her mouth to yell at this Kuku Morningfire ran ahead, she turned around seeing a loaf of Prairies drinking water. Morningfire greeted them with a bright smile beaming up at them. Sand stayed back not even bothering to talk to them since she was under a oath to not burst and w
:iconhollowichigo890:hollowichigo890 1 0
Meeting turned Sour.- Prairie Event 1
Morningfire shifted in his paws looking around him at all the Kuku`s and humanoids. He tried to stay far away from the humanoids and looked on in disgust at the tame kuku`s that stayed by their side. What is wrong with them? Haven`t they heard the horrible stories about what humanoids do to kuku`s? Do they even care? He shivered at the thought, he did not needed to be around them he was here for one purpose only. To save the Prairie`s from their dying home. Well he better get on with the mission then. He glanced over to a Dove sleeping by his side. As everyone was grouping up waiting with anticipation but were worried at seeing Her again this amber Dove came up to him asking to travel with him, of course he hesitated at first. He has survived on his own why does he need somebody by him? But at the thought of having somebody there, just to talk too, made him say yes. 
He slightly nudged Sand with his paw which resulted in her giving him an evil glare but it soon dissolved at seeing
:iconhollowichigo890:hollowichigo890 2 0
Morningfire yawned loudly blinking his eyes trying to wake up. His eyes adjusted to the bright light of the sun as he looked around him. Right, he was underneath a large oak getting away from the intense morning heat. Getting to his paws slowly, he was in no hurry, he scanned around him still tired. His belly growled at him and he signed bitterly. Why couldn`t the prey just jump into his mouth? That would be so much easier. But if that was the case he would have no reason to run and if there was no reason to run really fast then there was no purpose in his life.
He loved to run, loved to feel the wind sweeping his fur, love the adrenaline rush that went through him as he chased after his prey. To him it was his life. But at the thought of finding something through the maze of this forest made him look on with despair. He was a more better hunter in the wide open plains not in the tight confines of these trees and undergrowth. There was nothing he could do though, after all he went wher
:iconhollowichigo890:hollowichigo890 1 0
Be my light by hollowichigo890 Be my light :iconhollowichigo890:hollowichigo890 4 0 Maplepaw-TLD by hollowichigo890 Maplepaw-TLD :iconhollowichigo890:hollowichigo890 8 12 Speckle wanting love! by hollowichigo890 Speckle wanting love! :iconhollowichigo890:hollowichigo890 2 53 Breezekit/ Lovable small furball! by hollowichigo890 Breezekit/ Lovable small furball! :iconhollowichigo890:hollowichigo890 4 0 Welcome to the world...of Death by hollowichigo890 Welcome to the world...of Death :iconhollowichigo890:hollowichigo890 13 3


Free ARPG Design
I just wanted to try their role in design. Although I understand that it not particularly in demand, because many can make a design, but maybe someone wants? If you need correction, I will fix.
Please fill out the form and paste it in the comments
Eye color:
:iconworld-of-reos:  :icontokotas:  :iconkukuri-arpg: Shi'vali :icondracostryx: 
:iconliotjejadventure:LIOTJeJAdventure 4 10
walnutpaw [wcp] by calfaray walnutpaw [wcp] :iconcalfaray:calfaray 32 25 [p] just a little longer is fine by tsumeaki [p] just a little longer is fine :icontsumeaki:tsumeaki 49 22 [Kukuris] we're simply meant to be [Enamored] by HitaKai [Kukuris] we're simply meant to be [Enamored] :iconhitakai:HitaKai 20 1 Fight for a cozy house by Akinny Fight for a cozy house :iconakinny:Akinny 28 0 Casanova 070 by Kuku-ri Casanova 070 :iconkuku-ri:Kuku-ri 30 9 [[TNT]]-[[APP]] Specklekit by Woofies2003 [[TNT]]-[[APP]] Specklekit :iconwoofies2003:Woofies2003 8 30
Item guides
Scars can appear in many shapes and forms depending on how they've been gotten.

Small scars do not cover a lot of ground. With a small scar you can nick a part of the ear, give scratches or even fill the given area with a scar. However, the scars should appear INSIDE the given area which can be anywhere in the body - this means that if you want the Kukuri to have multiple scars around the body, you need to purchase multiple scar packs.
Large scars must be at LEAST the size of the largest small scar, but can go as big as pictured. If you get a large scar, you may use it to also amputate a limb. However, this amputation can be used only once - future large scars won't give this option anymore once it's been used.
Like with small scars, if you wish to have multiple, you need to acquire multiple large scars - you cannot use one large scar to create multiple.
All scars can f
:iconmomma-kuku:momma-kuku 9 8
Traveling: Askila-Deamon 5 by Soljem Traveling: Askila-Deamon 5 :iconsoljem:Soljem 36 6 hunting seal with the cool kids by spookedup hunting seal with the cool kids :iconspookedup:spookedup 18 5 Evening Snack by Eulas Evening Snack :iconeulas:Eulas 18 11
LF loaf members (Now with a Discord server)
Well I sure seem to be looking for a lot of things now-a-days
Update log
The leading ranks (Beta and the Unit leaders) have now been decided! The pack is always open for other other members (Trackers, Unit members, Medics and Omegas) however, so this search will be left open.
28/3: Added a new rank, Medics!
27/3: Added a new rank, Trackers! Also we now have a discord group for this pack, click this link to join

So my newest kukuri got uploaded, and while I have a lot of other things to focus before actually getting started with this I thought I might as well start being on a lookout for possible members to his loaf. The ideas behind him are still under development, mostly the specifics of his backsto
:iconsankko:Sankko 12 123
Above the World by StudioShadows Above the World :iconstudioshadows:StudioShadows 14 8
CLOSED: Double Fluff Dove Slots for CR
My double fluff baby has just achieved alpha rank..! ;o; I need some CR for a Puhva, so I'm selling a few slots.
I'm gonna equip her with my Chio and the Puhva once I get the chance, so you might want to wait until she has those officially on..!^^
Collared Crimson with Dalmatian and Siamese
Muffed Ruffle, Fuzzy Tail, Floppy Ears..!
Related to Flicker 364; he seems to be in a lot of lineage...

1. ON HOLD - 4000 Cr
2. ON HOLD - 4000 Cr
:iconblauesfeuer:BlauesFeuer 2 7
Kymati Reference by Xikhara Kymati Reference :iconxikhara:Xikhara 37 9 Take me with you! by SkyOpium Take me with you! :iconskyopium:SkyOpium 48 19



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20 deviations
Landslide! Prairie Event 2
I haven't been feeling good the past couple days but I managed to draw this out ;/ As they were running from the landslide they managed to find a cave that they all hid in, Vincent and the Prairie still wanted to fight while Sand was now having second thoughts. Casanova was taking shelter in the cave when he was waken up by the three.

Casanova 070 and Vincent 008 belongs to GryAdventures 

FP Count:
Base: 2
Colored: 3
Shaded: 2
Background: 2
Prairie event: 2
Other kukuris: 4
Personal: 2

Total: 17
Learning something new~
Another payment for Monochromefadv~

This looks crappy to me but I couldn't get it to look the way I wanted to no matter how hard I tried so I gave up on it, sorry about that. Also I sketched this so long ago so the style is different (and more horrible) then my current style.

Humphrey is teaching Morningfire how to hunt for fish~

Link to the import:Morningfire 2574
Kukuri's diet: Carnivore
Link to the tracking journal:Tracker~
Relevant familiars, training, or applied items: None~

Base: +2
Colored: +3

Shaded: +2
Background: +2
Hunting: +2
Other species: +1
Personal: +2

Total: 14
BTT: Scar the little fluff
IX - A Forced Path
Sometimes a path is forced upon a kukuri. A sibling gets sick and they have to go and take care of them, disrupting their own family life. A parent dies and a kukuri is now looked upon to lead the loaf safely while they just want to climb trees all day. Whatever comes along, it’s jarring and completely turns the kukuri’s world upside down and uproots their old life.
° Draw or write about an event that changes a kukuri’s life for better or for worse.
Morningfire as a pup wandering around the forest heard some yowls and went to investigate he came upon this scene of a Kukuri being dragged along by a human while the Kukuri shouted and strangled. Morningfire hid in the bushes watching with horror in his young eyes as they passed by, that scene would be in his mind forever. From that point on he had a mistrust towards humans never talking to them directly.

Morningfire 2574 belongs to me. While Raei 003 is a starter, hopefully this looks okay!

Base: 2
Colored: +3

Shaded: +2
Background: +2
Personal: +2
Total: 11
Fight under a stary night
  • Base: +2
  • Colored: +3
  • Shaded: +2
  • Background: +2
  • Prairie Event: +2
  • Other Kukuris: +4
  • Total: 15
Morningfire is going to be PISSED when he finds out Sand went out with some kukuris to go fight a Prairie in the middle of the night XD Hopefully he doesn't.

Vincent 008 and Sabroso 083 belongs to GryAdventures

Hello all! I thought since I am fairly busy with drawing and writing a whole bunch for the event and payments I asked somebody if it counts if two people RP their kukus doing an activity together would it count. Apparently so. It counts as collaboration and writing! So if anyone is interested in doing an activity with my two kuku`s i`m up for it~ 

Sand 1181 by Kuku-ri

Morningfire 2574 by Kuku-ri

Comment if interested~


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And yeah I've noticed even when I try to do realism (like life drawing or still life) I always manage to get something slightly cartoony, but yet my cartoons always feel like they have skeletons. It's just the way I've learned to draw. *shrugs* Took a lot of influence from various sources over the years. Cartoons and fantasy especially. I really like Teryll Whitlatch, she's amazing. Funny enough I can't paint, not really anyway. 
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Hey! So I own a roleplay group: :iconlostcolony: and I wish to tell you a little about it! 

There are three clans: 
-Adderclan of the marsh 
-Foxclan of the forest 
-Hawkclan of the moors 

These clans are actually stuck on a man-made island, their old home demolished by humans, though now- the new generations barely know what humans are as they are never encountered. 

This group is more aimed at "surviving the wilderness" than anything else- and dealing with each-other, since the clans are not exactly on a friendly truce! 

If you are interested- that's great! Please read more into the group and perhaps you would like to join us! 

If you are not- that's completely fine! Feel free to hide this comment, no reply necessary.
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